Monday, 5 March 2012

Late night purchases...

Beanie Hat: Indcsn , Bra top: Topshop

I seriously struggled to fall asleep last night, so what better way to soothe the soul than to pop online and purchase a couple beauties to ensure I go to sleep with a smile on my face? (this is my logic and I'm sticking to it...)

My first buy was Topshop's PEACE bra top, which I have wanted for a while but it was sold out everywhere I looked! So imagine my surprise when I popped online to find it in my size :-) Only thing is, they only had it in the petite range, BUT my chest isn't exactly well endowed so I think I'll be able to pull it off (cross fingers!).

My second buy is an Indcsn hat....I'm not quite sure what statement I'm going for buying the two of these items,'s clear my state of mind last night was somewhat hazy! Never the less, I fell in love with this hat as soon as I saw it, after having it flashed in my face looking through multiple Tumblrs-check mine out here! It has grown and grown on me, therefore I had to have it! (gosh it's harder than it looks explaining purchases! I just wanted it!)


  1. Thats a great hat :) tempted to get my own but skint atm
    Love your style :)

    Frankie X