Monday, 31 January 2011


I realised that my blog is and has become very impersonal...
I used to think that starting a blog would just entail outfit posts and what's hot this season, but I think blogs should showcase your personality and the things your are passionate about.
So I have decided to an 'all about me' post. No pictures. No clothes. No makeup. No messing about.

I'm Karina, born and raised in the land of the farmers also known as Bristol, and have recently moved up to the scary world of London. I'm a family girl and most definitely miss home :( but I have a new man, new friends and a new place to live so it's not all bad!

I am desperately trying to pursue a career in Fashion, but to be honest have been failing miserably...Its been a long, hard road since graduation from Uni in 09. Companies aren't hiring and us former students are left wondering where were going to go in our lives and what we want to do and out in the cold like the poor animals in the RSPCA adverts...
I know all to well how confusing it can get not knowing what career or path to choose when the choices are so limited...but I also know that passion and hunger will see you through to the place you want to. You just have to believe and at times I have been lacking that, but then I think about how I couldn't see myself doing anything else other than journalism. I never been one of those 9-5 office people, if I'm not using one ounce of creativity my day has not been fulfilled.

I have kept my head afloat freelancing, writing, and keeping my head in the game, but as of right now it is soul destroying being in a job that you have no passion for and in the complete opposite direction you want to be in! It's tempting to say 'stuff it all' pack my bags and go traveling to 'find myself' but taking yourself out the game is the worst thing I or anyone could do if they are trying to pursue their passion. If I could give any advice (which I should listen to myself) it's to never give up no matter how tough it gets, keep trying. I can say life has not been kind to me since I finished Uni and it has certainly kicked my ass! But I'm still out there and I'm still trying, and because of that I am in london, the place where I want to be and sooner or later I will bag that dream job! so in the meantime I shall carry on writing my blog so I can document my journey. Anyone else is the same boat? would be nice to hear some of your stories...

Lots of love
Karina Coco xxxx

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Friday, 28 January 2011


The Hipstamatic app is my new best friend! The 1960's esc, rawness of the photos had me taking photo after photo I loved it so much! Not that I'm vein or anything...but give it a try!
I wore Mac lipstick 'Mehr' and Mac gel eye liner in 'Blacktrack'. The authenticity won me over immediately, I think a few outfit posts with this setting is in order! x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Oriental dream


This needs no introduction...But I'll give you one anyway!
This is Chloe Sevigny at the season five premiere of Big Love in LA wearing a chinese blue porcelain dress made by designer Rodarte. The oriental inspired dress makes me think of a beautiful vase and the shape is to die for. I love how she's sticking to her guns and keeping her edgy style alive rocking bright red Christian Louboutin 'Salsbour' heels! x

Thursdays girl crush...

Miranda Kerr is one gorgeous lady and she is most definitely my girl crush for the week. She is a stunning vision of femininity and you can't deny that banging body! When I recently saw on her blog that she has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Flynn I gushed, did I mention she is married to Orlando Bloom?...So yes this woman has alot to be envied for! I adore her x

The futures bright

I am truly inspired by this seasons trend of bright colours. Designers such as Robert Cavalli and Dianne Von Furstenburg (DVF) have taken me to the heavens with their popping, juicy colours and I am now eagerly awaiting for the weather to follow suit, because we all deserve a warm summers day and the right to show some skin and stop covering up in chunky knits!
The nude face and bright lip has to be my favourite look which domintated the catwalks by the likes of Diane Von Furstenburg. It's time to shine...

Asos: Crave it? Save it. Win it.

It seems this week is a great week for competitions! Asos are giving you the chance to shop til you drop choosing all your favourite items up to £500 and put it in your save for later bag, and if 25,000 people enter by midday Friday 28th then they pick five winners who will get all the items in their basket! Ok so the chances aren't amazing, but its an excuse to shop through Asos isn't it? All you have to do is register, spread the word, and get shopping!
After my 'Got my eye on you' post it would be nice to have the Asos Ames suede Ankle Boots in my life a lot sooner than I thought! Wish me luck x

Elle Yeah!

ELLE is offering a PAID fashion internship! In the new february issue all fashion writers are called upon to flaunt what they've got and write 200 words on 2011's latest trends, and in return have the chance to win an opportunity of a life time working for Elle magazine writing fashion stories, attending London Fashion Week events, and handling high fashion samples (dribbles). It was safe to say I felt in my element... Although reading through what other people had to say I did feel immediately intimidated! The writing styles of some of the contestants were beautiful but then I wanted to remember I'm not writing a detailed romance novel, I'm writing for a glossy magazine! So I stuck to keeping it light, fun and informative!
Here's my piece, tell me what you think?

"The Monster Mash: Good news girls, mashing prints and colours together isn't just for ugly betty or your Gran anymore, its 2011 and it’s time to do the monster mash! 2011's spring catwalks were filled with mix and matching prints and popping, bright fuchsia and fluorescent colours that make you want to reach for your shades!" [...]

If you want to see the rest just go here...and vote for me of course ;-)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Festival Season

I promised myself that this year I would step outside my comfort zone and try different things. One of them being...Glastonbury! Ok so I'm not your typical camping, porter loo, getting down and dirty type of girl. But the thought of partying and dancing (badly) until early hours of the morning to my favourite music, with no inhibitions excites me!
I have got my tickets and shall be attending with The Boy, family and friends so let the good times roll!

One day...

'Alexa' bag: Mulberry

One day I will bag me one these to die for Mulberry Alexa's ! The nude lambskin 2011 design had me foaming at the mouth when I saw it. From the texture to the stunning pale pink colour I knew I had to have this bag in my life. I know it sounds boring but think I'm going to go for the classic, can't go wrong!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Love 4 Lita

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell 'Lita'

Any blogger/fashionista knows that Jeffery Campbell's 'Lita' shoe is the hottest shoe on the street right now! This shoe brings a a warm smile to my face and butterflies to my must be love! With the lace up boot, distressed leather and thick wooden heel I am sold and definitely see this as my wardrobe must have. Can't help but think I would resemble a zombie walking in these though :\ (fashion over function).

Until death do us part

Pretty self-explanatory....The things in my life I just couldnt live without!
Macbook pro, look magazine, Company magazine, Blackberry, Dior Cherie perfume, Mac make-up blusher-Posey, Mac make-up Black Gel Eye liner.

Best dressed...

In my opinion 22 year old actress Emma Stone stole the show and won best dressed at the Golden Globes for me hands down! The sheer elegance of this Calvin Klein dress blows me away...from the popping coral colour, to the simplicity of a short sleeved dress but then you see the drama of the back! Absolutely gorgeous....Emma Stone I salute you x

Got my eye on you

Ring: Asos. Jumpsuit: Topshop. Denim shirt: American Apparel. Denim dress: Asos. Black suede shoes: Asos

Just a few things on my wish list! My favourite has to be the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' ring from Asos!

Chloe Crush

Chloe Sevigny is my ultimate girl crush. From the boots to quirky summer dresses edged out with patterned tights I am officially loving her style! Think I can find some lookalikes on Asos, so I must make my must have list promptly!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Black Swan

I watched The Black Swan last night and was truly amazed. It had beautiful dark twisted moments, stunning classical music and imagery that left me wanting to dig out my ballet shoes from the loft from when I was 5! From the trailer I thought the story was going to be more of a thriller in the sense that she literally turns into the black swan which is essentially evil, but watching it the film concentrated on the vulnerability of Nina (Natalie Portman) and the passion she has for the lead role and the emotions she goes through i.e lust, jealousy, and anger. It was very high art so really the film's mainly cinematography orientated but never the less still one of my must sees...

Disco Inferno

Disco pants: American Apparel. T.Shirt: Topshop. Necklace: Accessorize

These beauties have been my saviour for over a year now, and I wanted to pay homage to American Apparel for bringing such simple and basic yet sexified trousers to my life.
The trousers are perfect for any girl with a small waist and big hips...and yes...that is definitely something I have! They look at their sexiest with vintage t shirts, crop tops and for a real clash, peter pan collar shirts. I'll post examples soon enough ;-).